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FIDGET Mr. Wriggle fun to fish
FIDGET Length 3.1inches Weight 1oz

Don’t under estimate its power by cute look
Slow Retrieving Jointed Noisy / Irritation Plug

Surface Killer/Noisy plug FIDGET is specialized in hand craftsmanship with selected wood materials exposing most natural wooden flavors of strong vibrations on the water surface. Irritating high pitching sounds given by its customized tail, these hybrid combination methods are now available as noisy surface plug FIDGET. Squared lip style with edge-reversed bumper designs expands deflector ability and its compact silhouette gives fidgety actions!

Essential factors of top surface plug are merged into this particular Jointed Wood Bait, as Katsutaka Imae says. Sound effects of jointed wood materials and blade in setback position and bobbling effects by engraved tail, its fidgety actions in round shape creates waves into current. Its funny looks can not be under estimated its power!
Here is one of tips. Try casting the same place for several time, irritating bass will cut out the surface for sure…


Slowly retrieving is your standard method to maintain its potential. FIDGET appeals in situations where any other top water plug is in no attention. For Example, mid. summer day with flat surface where activity is low and mild, try FIDGET and irritate your bass. Purpose of FIDGET is exposing or irritating your target rather than appealing to feeding habits so try to trace the same line which brings up biting chances.

Reversed Stinger Lip   Reversed Stinger Lip
Reversed Stinger Lip
Fidgety actions are even more fidgety by the reversed stinger lip designs. Catching water turns into streams effectively, react to its jointed body.
Adjustable Joint
Adjustable Joint
Single joint with adjustable screw allow you to make flexible changes to jointed body. (be careful with balance)
Tail Effects
Tail Effects
Back of blade is designed to create bobbling effects, added with 2 particular rivets for its sound effects.

Color Chart 
FIDGET #01 Valencia Skeleton
#01 Valencia Skeleton
FIDGET #02 Black Skeleton
#02 Black Skeleton
FIDGET #04 Red Tiger
#04 Red Tiger
FIDGET #05 Frog II
#05 Frog II
FIDGET #06 Blue Chart
#06 Blue Chart
FIDGET #07 Baby Boar
#07 Baby Boar
FIDGET #08 Squirrel
#08 Squirrel
FIDGET #09 White Bone
#09 White Bone
FIDGET #10 Golden Carp
#10 Golden Carp
FIDGET #11 Fire Tiger
#11 Fire Tiger
FIDGET #12 Lorikeet
#12 Lorikeet

* Adjustable screw/s is used in this wood lure for your different purpose of usages. If you loosen the screws at joints, it’ll effects more in dead sticking techniques. If you tighten up, your swim action will become more natural. ( Initial setup is at its best balance )
* Please be careful in humidity while at your storage when materials of this lure is natural selected woods. (hand care in essential) Please store your lure in straight position especially to soft materials used in this lure. If you hit any hard material while in your fishing and some of the paintings may cracked, we strongly recommend you to repair or use any ethyl carbomate material.
* If the retrieving is not in straight positions, please tune up the eye positions of your lure.
Please be extra careful in sharp hook or items within this product.
Please refrain from keeping the lure from children.
Do not use the lure for any other purpose or use.
Please be careful while you're using the lure.
Please do not pull your rod if your lure is hooked to any object.

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